The Conference

Nature and Knowledge in Latin America: New Historical Perspectives
One- day workshop, May 22, 2015
Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London
Organisers: Sophie Brockmann (ILAS) and Michela Coletta (ILAS / U. of Warwick)
Venue: Senate House, London WC1E 7HU

Conference description:

This one-day workshop will bring together different historical perspectives on the study of nature in Latin America from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. It will approach the topic of historical understandings of landscapes, environment, natural resources, natural disasters, flora and fauna from interdisciplinary historical perspectives. Papers will contribute to our understanding of how scholars and communities in Latin America have historically engaged with the nature and the landscapes surrounding them, and the relationship of such engagement to broader intellectual, social, political and economic currents.

Topics such as science and society, natural history, representations of landscapes and management of natural resources have become increasingly prominent in historical studies of Latin America. Many of these histories raise fundamental questions about the social and cultural construction of nature. This workshop seeks to identify new research frontiers by surveying key issues for a range of periods and different geographical sub-regions, and to provide a nuanced view of the manifold ways in which individuals, institutions and governments have studied, understood and represented nature.

This workshop will form part of a broader series of events at the Institute of Latin American Studies around the topic of the history of knowledge in Latin America. We hope that the workshop, by bringing together emerging as well as established scholars, will identify mutual research interests and lay the groundwork for future collaborations and conferences.

Registration is now open! Please go on the Registration link above.

For further info, please contact: sophie- dot – brockmann – at – OR michela -dot – coletta – at –


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