Draft schedule

Mariana Favila Vasquez: Pathways of river and sea: pre-Hispanic and colonial waterways on the southern Gulf Coast of Mexico
Caroline Williams on volcanoes?
Nicola Miller on metaphors of nature
Sophie Brockmann: Road-building, harbour-works and the imagination of Central American landscapes (1820-1840)

Lunch break 45 mins

Panel 3 – Trade, ecology and resource extraction in South American history (2.15-3.45pm)
Irina Podgorny: The Commercialisation of Nature in the Americas: a proposal for further research
Rupert Medd: Wakas and water, Julio Cesar Tello’s spiritual poetics of archaeology
Reinaldo dos Santos Barroso Junior: On the periphery of overseas trade – production and export market from the north of Portuguese America (1770-1800) [might not make it due to funding constraints. Paper by Michela Coletta instead?]
Andrew Sluyter, LSU: African Rangeland Burning and Colonial Ranching Landscapes in the Neo-Tropics
Coffee break 15 mins

Panel 4 – Science, narrative, and perceptions of nature (4-5.30pm)
Adriana Mendez: Re-enacting the voyages of “discovery”: science, nature and the politics of sea-faring
Carlos Fonseca: Disrupting the historical chain of being: on Alexander von Humboldt’s American nature
Ian Dudley: “Voelker- und Laenderkunde”: nature and humanity in Humboldt’s American geography and the emergence of British anthropology
[Perhaps add paper by Ana Guevara: Dwelling with the “beings of nature” in Mapuche territory: narratives, memory and environmental tensions in northern Patagonia. Concern is that she says her English is not great, abstract isn’t written very well and that it might not be a good fit with the Humboldt papers. Reasons for including her was that anthropology is something that does show up in some of the other papers and that Humboldt talks about similar geographical areas. We haven’t told her either way yet.]

Ottmar Ette keynote lecture (5.30-6.15pm)


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    9.30-10  Registration
    10-10.15 am Opening statement: Mark Thurner
    10.15-11.45 am Panel 1 – Nature in South American Literature
    12-1.30 pm  Panel 2 – Imaginations and uses of landscapes